Kort om Gudrun Steen-Andersen

Born 1950 in Copenhagen.
Educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Art under Professors Mogens Bøggild and Svend Wiig Hansen.
Made her début in 1983 at Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling (Artist\'s Easter Exhibition).
- Member of Visual Artists' Society .
- Member of  Sculptors' Society.

Gudrun Steen-Andersen

Work is following three paths: Free works, site specific commissions, and portrait busts.

Often, a free work ends up as a purchase for public art, at other times a commission is formulated so openly that it could be called a free work.

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Selected free works

2005-17 The most comprehensive and large-scale work till now is the sculpture project Perpetuum Mobile.
It will be exhibited during the whole year of 'Aarhus Culture Capital 2017'.
The project consists first of all of a sculpture multitude of 75 sculptures and involves cooperation with a composer and several of Denmark's outstanding experts in joint effort to illuminate and rethink migration in a future social order scenario.
2002-3 Light Matter. Sculpture series, epoxy, consisting of four 'airborne' double sculptures and one single.
1996 - 2000 Sculpture cycle De Profundis, consisting of following works:
* Seeress
* Guard
* Ancient Man
* Survivor
* Shadows
* Three Essays
* On the Edge
* Ecce Homo
* In the Beginning.
1990-93 Bird Woman, copper. Purchased by and exhibited in the HK Domicile, Copenhagen.
1990 Centaur, zinc and copper. Private collection.

Site specific commissions:

2014 Decision Maker, bronze for office Hotel in Copenhagen, commissioned by Brink Serviced Offices.
2012 Child Playing, bronze. Commissioned by FluxusApS, exhibited at Torstedskolen, Horsens.
2012 On the Edge, sculpture group, bronze. Purchased by Aarhus kommune 2001. Exhibited at Mathilde Fibigers Plads, Aarhus.
2001 Satori, bronze, polycarbonate/fibre-light. Commissioned by the County of Aarhus. Exhibited at Skanderborg VUC
1999 Unicorn, bronze. Commissioned by and exhibitedat the Steno Museum, Aarhus.
1993-94 Railway Hands, bronze. Commissioned by Hadsten municipality and the Danish State Railways. Exhibited at Hadsten railway station.
1992-93 Mainstay/Caryatid, stainless steel nuts. Commissioned by and exhibited at the AMU-Centre in Hasselager,Aarhus.
1988-89 Growing Pains, bronze. Commissioned by themunicipality of Aarhus. Exhibited outside the Aarhus Concert Hall.
1984-87 Myths of Primitiveness, polychrome plaster.Two life size sculpture groups of five, commissioned by Moesgaard Museum, partly sponsored by the Augustinus Foundation. Owned by Moesgaard Museum.

Selected portraits:

2013 Portrait bust, bronze, of H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary. Sponsored by Rømerfondet, and exhibited at Aarhus Art Museum, ARoS.
2010 Portrait bust, bronze, of Wing Commander Kaj Birksted, commissioned by Kaj Birksted Foundation, exhibited in the Churchill Park, Copenhagen.
2006 Portrait bust, bronze, of Jacob A. Riis. Commisioned by the Jacob A. Riis Foundation. Exhibited in Ribe.
2004 Portrait bust, bronze, of the first prime minister of Home Rule in Greenland, Jonathan Motzfeldt. Exhibited outside the Home Rule Building, Nuuk, Greenland.
1998 Portrait bust, bronze, of the queen of Denmark, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. Sponsored by the CAC Foundation and exhibited at Aarhus Art Museum, ARoS.
1995 Portrait bust, bronze, of former prime minister Poul Schlüter. Purchased by the Berlingske Foundation. Exhibited in Tønder and in The Danish Parliament.
1995 Portrait bust, bronze, of former minister of the interior and mayor of Aarhus,Thorkild Simonsen. Commissioned by the Rømer Foundation. Exhibited in the Aarhus Concert Hall.
1994 Portrait bust of former director of HelsingørTheatre. H. Nyrop-Christensen. Commissioned by The Old Town, Aarhus and the CAC Foundation. Exhibited at Helsingør Theatre, The Old Town, Aarhus


2019 Installation Perpetuum Mobile - Pop-up udstillingsstedet Kalkværksvej 5B Aarhus
2019 Klimakunst - Thingbæk Kalkminer
2018 Skulpturbiennale Dronninglund Kunstcenter
2017 Floating Art, Vejle Kunstmuseum
2016 Kunstcenter Silkeborg Bad
2011 Frederiksborgmuseet: Portrait.Nu!
2010 Plein-Air- Exhibition in Burg Schaubeck Park,Germany
2008 Plein-Air-Exhibition in Burg Schaubeck Park, Germany
2008 Artbreit, Germany
2007 Inter-nordic curated travelling exhibition: Denmark (Frederiksborgmuseet), Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden
2006 Sculpture Triennal Bad Ragartz, Switzerland
2005 Art Fair Süssen, Germany
2004 "PRO" Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
2004 Marktbreit, Germany
2003 The Exhibition Building "Kapellet", Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 "Kunstwege in Süssen", Germany
2001 Museum of Fine Arts, Aarhus, Denmark
2000 Aarhus Art Building, Denmark
1999 Women's Museum in Denmark
1998 Art Fair, Aarhus, Denmark
1995 Vejle Amtsgaard, Denmark
1993-94 Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
1990 Ridehuset, Aarhus, Denmark
1987 Moesgaard Museum, Denmark
1983 Aarhus Art Building, Denmark

Grants / Awards

Købmand Herman Sallings Foundation
Henry Heerup's award
Visual Arts Council, Ministry of Culture
Sculptor, Professor Gottfred Eichoff and Wife's Grant
City of Aarhus Kunststipendium
City of Aarhus Kulturudviklingspulje
Åge & Ulla Filthenborg Foundation
Anna E. Munch Grant
Gerhard Hennings Foundation

Study Trips



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Portrait of the artist, GALLERI 11, DR TV: 14.04.1994, 20.12.1994
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Article in the theme-book "The Dane and the Noble Savage " by G.S-A, Hovedland * Moesgård 1987 (In Danish only)
Reviews of Myths of Primitiveness, various newspapers.

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